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Multi Metal Separating Systems are gaining ground

The day of giant shredder plants with power consumptions up to 7,000 hp has passed. The high investment costs, the disproportionate energy consumption, personel requirement, problems in obtaining sufficient input material to permit multishiftoperation of the pant and the fact that the separation of the shredded material was often not satisfactory, have brought into question the efficiency of this type of large plant. The high waste disposal costs in many countries have also been the cause of reduced profits.

Multi Metal Separating Systems offer an attractive alternative.


We are continuously looking for secon hand equipment/plants

1. HF-Induction Tube Welding Mill Type RS 8" suitable for the manufacture of tubes from ½"-8" nom. bore as per BSS; API 5L and similar standards, as well for the manufacture of square and rectangular section of same circumference

2. 3½" Cold Pilger Mill; in 73-95mm; product: 28.57-50.8m



German China Trading, Ratingen, acts as a coordinating office for the syndicate of construction and distribution of multi-metal-separation plants (MMS-High tech-Reycling plants).

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bau und Vertrieb von Multi-Metal-Separations Anlagen
Koordinierungsbüro: G.C.T. GmbH, Ratingen
Homberger Strasse 6
D-40882 Ratingen
P.O. Box 10 13 17
D-40833 Ratingen

Tel. 0049 2102 26317
Fax 0049 2102 25744


- Venti Oelde, Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH, OELDE
- high tech - Recycling Richter GmbH, ESSEN
- Stahlgiesserei und Anlagenbau Albert Hoffmann GmbH, ESCHWEILER


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